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Preview the New Track, “The Rod and The Cain” from FrazierBand’s Forthcoming Album!

Summer is here, and everyone is scouring their music collections for the perfect summer playlist. Breezy and fun is the name of the game, but balancing it out with some weighty lyrics will carry it on into the fall and winter months. Nashville’s FrazierBand has what you need with their latest single off of their… Continue Reading

Per A Request: Lyrics from my latest album, Love Letters: Diamond In The Rough

Family is the one thing that you can never be rid of. Even if you cut yourself off from them completely, they still run through your veins and your thoughts at the most inconvenient moments. Family is the one thing that will simultaneously always and never let you down, and for most of us, they… Continue Reading

Per A Request: Lyrics From My Latest Album, Love Letters: “Lay Me Down”

I have no idea how I came up with this song. They say that you should only write about what you know, and thankfully I have no idea about what it is like to be a cheater (or a cheatee, for that matter). It is fodder that has permeated every facet of world music since… Continue Reading

Per A Request: Lyrics from my recent album release, Love Letters…”Hello Heartache”.

For the second installment of my Per a Request series, I’m scrawling out the lyrics to track two of Love Letters, “Hello Heartache”. I recorded a country album, and there is no way of getting around that fact. I wrote sad folk songs, and once fleshed out by my very talented and musically diverse band,… Continue Reading

Per A Request: Lyrics from my latest album, Love Letters…”Trouble Fades”

This is a special series of posts that will be added over the next few weeks, written especially for my dad. As a retired construction worker, one of the sacrifices he made to put food on the table was the loss of a significant portion of his hearing. It didn’t become apparent to me until… Continue Reading

Serendipity Saved The Day

Serendipity Saved The Day

Fifty Years of Grooving to “Green Onions.” Accidents happen. Whether it’s a 13-car pileup or a plate of spaghetti all over a nice white carpet, no one escapes this life unscathed. The one similarity that all accidents share is a need for the right conditions: one person not paying attention while they’re texting, another not… Continue Reading

“Just One Look”, Was All It Took- Doris Troy

If you listened to the radio in 1960s America you were sure to hear two things: catchy pop songs and the polished acts that sent them soaring up the charts. Songs were hammered out amidst slick high rises in the big city, before being passed onto the artists who were responsible for making them sell…. Continue Reading

The Legend of The Red Headed Stranger

In my mind, the West sounds like a jangly acoustic guitar. The sun coming up over the Rockies, as it slowly unrolls over the jagged peaks and dips, melting over the dirty sagebrush, actually has a sound. It expands out, from the inner ear, down through the heart, between the lungs and lower spinal column,… Continue Reading

The Hoochie Coochie Man, Explained…

There are certain questions that hover beneath the surface of everyone’s psyche. The daily questions of, “what am I eating today?” and “where will I sleep tonight?”, ride high alongside deeper philosophical queries such as, “who am I?”, “why is there pain in the world?” and “what is my purpose?”. Going even deeper than that,… Continue Reading

Busted Flat At The End Of A Free Rope: Me And Bobby McGee The American dream can be described with many different pen strokes. It’s package looks a little different, depending on who it’s being delivered to, but beneath the colorful wrapping paper, it always looks the same. Freedom isn’t something that can be gripped with both hands; it’s indescribable, but you know it when you feel… Continue Reading