Per A Request: Lyrics From My Latest Album, Love Letters: “Lay Me Down”

Love Letters Album CoverI have no idea how I came up with this song. They say that you should only write about what you know, and thankfully I have no idea about what it is like to be a cheater (or a cheatee, for that matter). It is fodder that has permeated every facet of world music since the dawn of time: after all, cheaters gonna cheat and haters gonna hate. In country music specifically, whenever a song deals with the idea of cheating, it’s always dealt with in a very explosive fashion, where the protagonist is tearing apart everything about the antagonist, who has in turn torn apart everything about our beloved protagonist.

Surely, this isn’t the case in every incidence of infidelity. Surely there has been someone who has said, “You know what? You have done me wrong, and you’re secret is out. I’m penis enlargement info not an idiot; I know what you’re doing, but you owe me. You owe me one final chance to love me like you have been loving someone else. You’re gonna do this, just for my sake, and then you will truly feel like shit, and I will have had the final word.”

03 Lay Me Down

Put down your keys and lock the door; you’re not out of cigarettes.

Once upon a time, you were all mine; it’s not my fault I can’t forget.


Lay me down, lay me down

Love me just once like you love her all the time, then we’ll pretend again that you’re not mine.


In places where the whiskey just won’t hit, you’ve traded dignity.

I’m not the girl she seems to be, but you can do this just for me.

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