Per A Request: Lyrics from my latest album, Love Letters…”Trouble Fades”

This is a special series of posts that will be added over the next few weeks, written especially for my dad. As a retired construction worker, one of the sacrifices he made to put food on the table was the loss of a significant portion of his hearing. It didn’t become apparent to me until I became a professional musician, because frankly, there was never a moment where he couldn’t read my lips as I spoke to him.

Let me be frank, my father is not deaf. We don’t communicate through American Sign Language, and our knowledge of hand signals pertain only to those that are used in the most dire of situations (like rush-hour traffic). He simply worked around loud power tools for too long. That being said, after all these years of recording songs and giving him albums, he has yet to understand what the hell I’ve g postmessage propecia guest forum been saying. Luckily for him, I haven’t had much to say…

This marks the first in a series of weekly posts that will list the lyrics to a particular song from my brief catalogue, beginning with my most recent release, October 2012’s Love Letters.

Dad, thanks for continuing to badger me to write these words down.

Trouble Fades

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“Trouble Fades”

You came and went, just like a hit of cocaine, right to my head; just like a firecracker lit in my hands, as trouble fades. Trouble fades away.

Time stands still, as life goes rushing by my bare windowsill; those lifeless hours waiting ’round until my trouble fades. Trouble fades away

The bitter root bears some bitter fruit, and I’ve bitten off more than I can chew as trouble fades; does trouble fade?

Will trouble fade away?

To download the entire album, click here:



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