Per A Request: Lyrics from my latest album, Love Letters: Diamond In The Rough

Love Letters Album CoverFamily is the one thing that you can never be rid of. Even if you cut yourself off from them completely, they still run through your veins and your thoughts at the most inconvenient moments. Family is the one thing that will simultaneously always and never let you down, and for most of us, they are the people we most desire to be like in the long run.

My mom and I haven’t had the easiest row to hoe. Girls and their mothers bring out the worst in each other, and we’re no different, but as the years have gone by, and time has mellowed us both, we’ve come to a place of understanding. We understand each other’s faults and frailties, and how they stand in contrast to our strengths and true nature. At one point I realized that being like her wouldn’t be such a bad thing, and rather than write that idea off as a sentimental brain turd, I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. My mom is my diamond in the rough.

04 Diamond In The Rough


She came along in a less than perfect world, where the stars still shine on ordinary girls,

With mousy hair and hands that apologize for all the sights that scream between her eyes.

She didn’t take the time to think it through; sometimes, it’s true, you are what you gotta do.

If it was paved in something more than she could see, she’d a missed that turn that drove towards reality and Electronic Cigarette me.


All the things that she can’t change are born on a back bound to break from the weight of her own lack of dignity.

She’s a diamond in the rough and a lady I’d like to be.


A boy was born in 1971, sweet enough to be his mother’s son.

A brother came, then a lover, then a life. Some unseen tears, anger; strife.

I came along as the bridge was swept away. A momentary glimpse at saving grace,

But nothing’s sure, and sure as I stand, she packed her dreams in bags filled with sand and ran.


Now all those years she still regrets gave her a heavy heart she’s unsure how to mend.

She’s wary of that girl she used to be, Lord, she’s a diamond in the rough, but a lady I’d like to be.


And the decades flow beyond the afterglow of a reckoning precluding peace.

I can see her face, it’s with me everyday staring back at me. What a sight to see.


She came along in a less than perfect world, where stars still shine on ordinary girls.

Her days of starting out are at an end, so she laughs and takes reality by the hand again.


Now all those things that we can’t change are the little things that time can’t rearrange.

We’ve come to terms with what life seems to be for that diamond in the rough; that lady I’d like to be.


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