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Oh, That East Coast Sound; The Piedmont Blues

Every American knows the blues. We’ve all heard it drifting up from the sticky Mississippi delta, salty and reeking of bathtub gin; anyone who knows a rock song unwittingly knows the blues lick that preceded it. Modern media have done much to propel the delta blues into our musical lexicon, but what about the blues… Continue Reading

The Legend of The Red Headed Stranger

In my mind, the West sounds like a jangly acoustic guitar. The sun coming up over the Rockies, as it slowly unrolls over the jagged peaks and dips, melting over the dirty sagebrush, actually has a sound. It expands out, from the inner ear, down through the heart, between the lungs and lower spinal column,… Continue Reading

An Affair To Remember: Lady Day and The Prez

History has a way of creating pairs. Lovers and enemies, comrades and counterparts. God and the Devil, Romeo and Juliet, ketchup and mustard. We pair our socks, our parents and the salt and pepper shakers. Without detracting from the greatness of the above examples, I would also ask you to consider a lesser known pairing:… Continue Reading

The Palomino Club:”Country Music’s Most Important West Coast Club”

For most, the building located at 6907 Lankershim Boulevard means nothing. Situated in North Hollywood, it’s home to a banquet hall, specializing in Persian and Armenian delicacies. To anyone familiar with the history of country music, it means much more, whether they know it or not. From 1952-1995, 6907 Lankershim was home to, as the… Continue Reading

Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea: Ira and Charlie Louvin

[youtube=] There are two things in this life no one can escape: God and family. Whether you believe in a higher power or the power of the blood in your veins, all three are inextricably tied together. No one understood this, and all its undertones, more than Ira and Charlie Louvin. Together, the Louvin Brothers… Continue Reading

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The Fathers of Bach-Rock…The Lefte Banke

*Dedicated to John Ammons and his moderate affection for the Left Banke* There is nothing new under the sun, but at some point, everything is rearranged to make something different. It happens across the art field from painting to literature, advertising to music. Every new face on the scene builds on what is there and… Continue Reading

From Here To Everywhere with Peter Case

You can go as far as you want without a passport. Whereas a piece of government-endorsed paper can only put you across country lines, the expanse of a creative soul can transport itself and others over time and space parameters. A string of rhyme and strummed chords can take you from coast to coast, bouncing… Continue Reading

Dealing With The Devil: The Curious Life of Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson’s life began at a crossroads. In true Faustian form, he crossed paths with the devil, taking him away in his fingertips. The legend of Johnson is more well-known than the actual footsteps he took, and what information we have been left with has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. Thus, the… Continue Reading

The Hoochie Coochie Man, Explained…

There are certain questions that hover beneath the surface of everyone’s psyche. The daily questions of, “what am I eating today?” and “where will I sleep tonight?”, ride high alongside deeper philosophical queries such as, “who am I?”, “why is there pain in the world?” and “what is my purpose?”. Going even deeper than that,… Continue Reading